Planting A Garden? 2 Ways To Protect Your Flowers, Vegetables, And Trees From Harmful Pests

After planting seedlings and carefully tending to their every need, you might feel a personal attachment to those brand new plants. Unfortunately, if you haven't done your part to prepare your garden, you might be sending your budding babies into a dangerous situation. Pests like earwigs, bean beetles, aphids, and termites can quickly destroy fresh crops—transforming your carefully planned garden into a wilted mess. Fortunately, you might be able to tip the scales in your favor by doing a little prep work ahead of time. Read More 

4 Problems Prevented By Regular Gutter Cleaning

When it comes to exterior home maintenance, painting, roof repair, and window and door repair are often the first tasks that come to mind. However, there is another aspect of your home's exterior that is just as important to maintain: gutters. Here are four problems that can be avoided with regular gutter cleaning. Gutter Tearaway The part of your home that is at most risk if your gutters are not cleaned regularly are the gutters themselves. Read More 

Two Of A Kind: Comparing Hydro And Air Vacuum Excavation

As the oil industry continues to expand throughout Canada, so does the use of innovative options for excavation projects. While traditional excavators reign supreme for large-scale earth removal, vacuum excavation offers a non-destructive way of performing smaller projects that would otherwise call for manual digging. Air vacuum and hydro vacuum are the two main methods of vacuum excavation, with both offering their own unique set of pros and cons. Learn what separates these two methods, as well as which one is the better fit for your civil construction project. Read More 

Improve Your Business’s Security Through Different Types Of Door Locks

If your business has been robbed or vandalized in recent times, or if the risk level of these things has increased, it might be time to take some extra steps to improve the security of your business. Having a sufficient amount of security is a great way to deter criminals, and you might be able to improve your security simply by changing the locks on all the doors in the building. Read More 

An Injury Settlement May Include Compensation For Intangible Damages

You've received a settlement offer in regard to your serious injury, but it just doesn't seem fair. Yes, it covers your medical expenses and lost wages. But considering the negative impact this injury has on your life, don't you deserve more? You may very well deserve a higher settlement. Insurance company settlements often cover intangible aspects involved with an injury, but the company probably won't offer this compensation unless you demand it. Read More