Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil And What You Should Use For Winter Weather

As the weather begins to change, the oil in your engine is going to need to be changed too. When you change the oil in a diesel engine, there are a lot of things to do, and the oil you use also needs to be considered. Using the right synthetic oil and additives will boost engine performance and reduce wear when the weather changes. The following Max-Duty synthetic diesel engine guide will help you choose the best oil for the weather outside:

  • Start by using quality diesel oils—The first thing that you should know about diesel engine oil is that it is as important to use quality oils as it is well-refined fuels. This is why modern synthetic oils are usually used when changing the oil in diesel engines. Using quality synthetic diesel oils will help prevent problems with engine performance throughout the year.
  • Using heavier weights for warmer weather—During warmer weather, the heat can make lubricants like engine oil thinner. This can cause problems with engine wear and performance. To avoid these problems—heavier engine oils are used. This is measured by the weight of the oil, which is the W in 15W-40 or 10W-40. During warmer weather, the 15W or 20W oils will provide more protection from engine wear and performance problems.
  • Using lighter oil weights for colder weather—When it comes to the winter weather, there are more things to consider for the engine oil. First, the engine oil for colder temperatures needs to be lighter weight. In extreme cold, the engine oil can turn into a gel, and using a lighter weight will help prevent problems and damage to your engine during the winter months. It may be a good idea to use a lubricity additive for diesel when using the lighter oil weight for cold climates.
  • Using additives for better engine performance—During different times of the year, using different engine oils can improve performance. This can also lead to problems with lubricity or the lubrication of parts in the engine. Therefore, additives can be used to help boost the lubricity of your oil and the performance of your engine. These additives are usually products that are added to the fuel tank to help improve the performance of your diesel engine.

The right engine oil for winter weather will help ensure you do not have trouble when you are on the road. Contact a Max-Duty synthetic diesel oil service to get the right oil for winter weather before the temperatures start to drop.