Why Fresh Fruit Is A Valuable Addition To A Gift Basket

When you're evaluating the contents of a gift basket that you want to have delivered to someone you know, you'll often have the choice of whether you want to add fresh fruit to the basket. On the surface, fresh fruit might not seem very exciting — especially when you compare it to the gourmet cheese, artisan crackers, compotes, and other gourmet items that make up the gift basket. It's generally a good idea to opt for the inclusion of fresh fruit, however. Here are some reasons that a few pieces of fresh fruit can be a valuable addition to a gift basket. 

They'll Complement The Cheese

Cheese is a common inclusion in many gift baskets, so it's possible that the gift basket you've chosen has a few different varieties of cheese. Adding fresh fruit to the selection of items is a worthwhile idea because certain types of fruit are a good complement to cheese. Apples and pears, particularly, go really well with a wide range of cheeses. The inclusion of these fruits can help the recipient to have more fun when he or she is preparing some cheese and crackers from the basket.

Their Juiciness Provides Variety

Sometimes, many of the items in a gift basket can have a dry consistency. For example, if there are a few types of crackers, pretzels, and other baked goods, as well as some mixed nuts, the recipient may be aware of the dryness of these items. Lots of fresh fruits have a juicy consistency, so ensuring that a few such fruits are present in the gift basket will provide a good amount of variety. For example, the recipient can have a few juicy wedges of orange in between bites of pretzels and nuts.

They're Easy To Eat On The Go

People often send gift baskets to offices, where multiple people can dig into the contents over the course of the day. While some people may make a point of taking a break in their work and preparing themselves a plate of items from the gift basket, others will grab items as they pass — perhaps as they're rushing out the door or into the boardroom for a meeting. In such a context, it's ideal if the gift basket has certain items that are easy to grab and eat on the go. Someone might not have time to cut a piece of cheese, place it between some crackers, and dab some jam on top but will have time to grab an apple, for example.