Billing Clients For Gym Use: More Unique Approaches For Getting Money Owed

Gone are the days when you would hand a paper bill for a gym membership to your members and expect them to pay it. Gone are the days when some gym members would ignore the bill and keep using the facilities. Now, with all of the gym billing software for sale and the various devices that prevent gym members from using your facility and/or the equipment, you can be sure that the bill is paid, and paid on time. Here are some more unique approaches to getting the money owed to your gym.

Key Fob Lockout

If you have a keyless entry system on the front door of your gym, you have software that allows you to "lockout" anyone you choose. When a member is two weeks to a month or more late with their membership dues, you can deactivate his/her key fob. Once he/she submits payment or is ready to submit payment, you can reactivate the fob. It is quite the effective tool for getting members to pay on time, especially if they are die-hard workout fanatics.

Swipe to Enter

While most gyms would prefer to charge a monthly amount for dues, a new type of gym membership is emerging. Pay-as-you-go plans allow consumers to enter the gym, swipe a debit or credit card at the front desk near the door, and then use the gym facilities. Gym users have the option of saving money by buying a membership or just continuing to pay full price for the days and times that they use the facilities. Either way, they pay before they can enter the gym.

Swipe to Use

Everything from POS card swipers at laundromats to grocery self-checkouts allows consumers to use and buy as they like. There are devices and software you can use for your gym too. The devices attach to each piece of equipment, allowing gym users or gym members only to use that equipment if they swipe their debit/credit card for every 30 minutes or 60 minutes of use on that machine. Some consumers prefer this as it allows them to avoid paying for membership dues but they can still come into the gym and work out on their chosen equipment. 

Pay-as-you-go options are really popular. You are paid for everything the consumers use. The software collects the payments and processes them, so you do not have to "remind" consumers and members to pay their bills. The consumers can work out the way they want, on the equipment they want. It is a win-win-win for everyone.