How LED Signs Prevent Train Accidents

In recent years, there has been an in increase in train fatalities. Seven people were hit by trains in the Bay Area within a week, and five of the victims died. It comes down to a number of factors for the cause of these accidents.

Railcars are extremely quiet. They are designed to not cause a lot of friction, and trees serve as a sound barrier. If you are walking on the railroad tracks wearing headphones, then you will not hear the train coming. Other reasons for accidents include suicide, distractions, taking pictures on the tracks and bicycle riding. For these reasons, something must be done to protect pedestrians.

Use Commuter Train Approaching Signs

An LED light rail crossing system promotes light rail safety. This system is used along with commuter train approaching signs. The signs in the system use LED technology, which makes your message more visible. Other features of LED technology include brightness, high-contrast colors, animations and full images.

How Does The Signage Prevent Accidents?

Here is how LED light rail train pedestrian warning signs improve safety. It is common for pedestrians to walk near train tracks with limited visibility. In this situation, you can put a LED activated sign to alert pedestrians when trains are approaching. The LED sign has a black screen with a full animated image of a train. When a train is coming, a train image is activated. This image gets attention from a distance.

You can choose from a variety of different signs. The point is to make sure pedestrians are aware that a train is on the track.

Get Attention With Sound

LED technology is very diverse and allows for sound to be used with signage. Sound is one of the main ways to get someone's attention. LED light rail train systems allow you to use voice activated speaker systems and third-party audio alarm systems. When someone approaches the train tracks, you can have a speaker system that says, "Train approaching." Another option is having an alarm sound when a train is getting ready to come down the track.

You should also consider the weather and vandalism when choosing LED signage. Your signs can get damaged by weather elements and by vandals. It helps to protect your signs from damage. You can do this with the cabinet design, which involves a box-like structure around the sign that makes it resistant to vandals and weather.

Some train accidents are preventable, and others are not. Every 94 minutes someone or something is hit by a train in the United States. However, it helps for railroad companies to display warning signs. For more information on LED light rail crossing systems, contact a company like Lanelight.