Get Personalized Water Bottle Labels to Help Promote Your Business

When many people think of personalized water bottle labels, they think of using these products for special occasions such as weddings. And, it's certainly true that if you attend a handful of weddings, you'll likely find at least one that has water bottle labels that feature that names of those who are getting married and the date of the nuptials. Weddings, however, aren't the only venue for personalized water bottles. If you run a business, you're likely always thinking of new marketing and promotional steps — and personalized water bottle labels can be part of that strategy. 

Why They're Valuable

Most companies offer some manner of promotional material, whether it's a pen with the company's name or a magnetic calendar. However, it's easy for people to pick up these items, toss them into a pocket or purse, and forget about them. The bulky nature of a water bottle with a personalized label means that it's not apt to be forgotten. And, most importantly, people will appreciate getting something of value. For example, if you're handing your bottles out at a community event, this saves people spending money on water from a vendor. They'll hold your bottle in their hands for several minutes while drinking the water, which means that they won't be able to help but take in your message.

What to Include on Them

Your personalized water bottle labels for your business can combine the material you'd include on a business card and on promotional flyers. The labels, at the very least, should feature the name, slogan, and logo of your company, as well as contact information in the form of a website and phone number. Depending on the nature of your business, you might also wish to include a list of your products, space permitting. A QR code is a good idea for personalized water bottle labels, as this will allow customers and prospective customers to scan the code on the label with their mobile device for information about your business. Talk to a business like the Great Canadian Water Company to learn more about your options.

When to Use Them

It's sensible to order several cases of water bottles with personalized labels for events such as conferences and trade shows that your company will be attending. In these events, giveaways are common, and businesses typically give away promotional materials. There are a number of other places to have these water bottles readily available. If you have a fridge inside a conference room and are expecting clients or other industry professionals for meetings or presentations, stock the fridge with the personalized water bottles. Likewise, if you take clients golfing, a couple of these special bottles packed in a cooler is a good idea.