Business Marketing 101: 4 Smart Product Packaging Tips

Product packaging is extremely important. After all, it's essentially a big call to action; it tells customers that they should purchase your product. In order for your packaging to be effective, it needs to stand out from the crowd and gain the attention of shoppers. While it might seem as simple as choosing a fun graphic and bold text, it's unfortunately much more difficult. If you are interested in packaging one of your products, utilize these four tips to help make it pop:

1. Keep It Very Simple

As with many other marketing techniques, less is more. While you might be tempted to use a fancy font, lots of words, or intricate graphics, these are usually unnecessary. Too much information or pictures on a package make it look cluttered and confusing. So keep it simple and stick to only a few things. Remember, you don't need to highlight everything your product does—you only need to highlight the most important elements.

2. Determine How You Will Sell It

The way you package your product will depend on how you decide to sell it. Online sales do not require the same type of packaging, as consumers will likely read product descriptions and reviews. However, if you sell your product in the store, you you will need to create packaging that appeals to more than just sight. This is because in the store, the consumer can actually hold and feel your product. If you plan to sell both online and in the store, consider making your packaging different for each marketplace.

3. Go Green

Consumers are jumping on the "green" train. If you want to gain some points with potential consumers and feel good about your company, consider going green. Today's technology is much more advanced than it was in the past, and many eco-friendly products are comparable to regular products. For example, recycled metal and plastic are both good options for product packaging.

4. Keep The Font Legible

Finally, make sure you use a font that is legible. Ideally, your font should be readable both from a distance and up close, so steer clear of fonts that are difficult to read, such as script fonts. While they might be pretty, they can also be difficult to read and can chase away potential consumers. You also want to make sure you choose a legible font color. So make sure it contrasts from the background and doesn't blend into any parts of the packaging design.

Designing a winning product package takes time—so don't rush yourself. Use these tips, along with the help of a professional packaging design firm, to help you create an effective and beautiful package for your product.