Improve Your Business’s Security Through Different Types Of Door Locks

If your business has been robbed or vandalized in recent times, or if the risk level of these things has increased, it might be time to take some extra steps to improve the security of your business. Having a sufficient amount of security is a great way to deter criminals, and you might be able to improve your security simply by changing the locks on all the doors in the building. Here are four types of locks you may want to use to stop people from stealing things or information from your business.

Standard Locks

Even if your building has a security system in it, taking additional steps will help keep people out of it. Standard locks are the most common type you can purchase, and this type is probably what your building already has. A standard lock requires a person to have the right key to open the door. Using these locks is fine for certain doors in your building, but these locks are no longer the best option for exterior doors or for rooms where high security is needed.

You can use standard locks for certain doors, including interior office doors, warehouse space, or other areas that you are not worried about. If you are in the process of improving the door lock systems in your building, you may want to have all the standard locks replaced with new locks.

Replacing the old locks with new locks offers three important benefits:

  1. The newer locks might be stronger than the old locks you currently have.
  2. You can control the keys for these doors by only issuing keys to the people that need them.
  3. The new locks may look nicer, which may help you with the image your company is trying to have.

For all the other doors in your building, you may want to look into installing one of the following types of door lock systems.

Keypad Lock Systems

While standard locks were the only type available years ago, today there are so many alternatives. One of the most common and affordable alternatives is a keypad lock system. This is a system that contains a keypad by the door lock. Instead of using a key to open a door, a person must type in the keypad code. After the correct code is typed, the door lock will open.

The benefits of this include:

  1. It only allows people to come through if they know the code.
  2. You can change the code whenever needed, which keeps people out even if they once had the code.
  3. This type of system will work with most door types.

Using a keypad system is a great idea for exterior doors of your building, or you can use them for certain common areas within a business, such as break rooms, conference rooms, and office supply rooms. These locks are ideal for doors that will be used by a lot of people each day.

Card Systems

Another option similar to keypads is a card system. This is the type of lock system you will find in hotels, and it is a great option for doors that many people will access each day. Through a card system, you will program cards for employees. The employees will swipe their cards through readers on the doors, and doing this will unlock the doors.

The benefit of this is that it also allows you to control who has access to certain rooms and areas in your business. The system allows you to easily program a card to work, but it also allows you to easily deactivate a card, even if you do not have the card in your possession.

You may even have the ability to program cards to expire at a certain time or date. This is a nice option if you have construction workers completing a project inside your building. If they need one week to complete the work, you could give them key cards that will expire at the end of the week.

Fingerprint Locks

Fingerprint locks, also called biometric locks, are the other option you should consider. These are one of the most expensive types of locking systems, but they also are one of the most secure. To enter into a room, a person must place his or her thumb in the reader on the door. Only authorized personnel will be able to enter rooms with biometric locks, and these are perfect for rooms that contain:

  • Classified information
  • Valuable assets or information
  • Controls for the building

An emergency locksmith can help your company decide which locks to replace and with what types to use. If you would like to learn more about this, contact a locksmith today to set up an appointment.